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What is a Joint Venture Partner?

A J.V. in this industry is a Joint Venture Partnership in an investment. It is a partnership where both parties have a shared financial investment, not necessarily equal, that provides a shared return based on percentage invested.

The beauty of a J.V. with Western Property Developers is our partners do not need to do any work! They simply invest and enjoy the benefits of our experience in property sourcing and development; all the financial benefits with none of the working stress.

The capital raised in a Joint Venture Partnership will always be backed by a level of security, in addition to agreements that are held in trust with the Solicitors.

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How Do You Benefit?

Don’t require a full investment amount

Don’t require good credit

Don’t require a mortgage

Enjoy the benefits of a talented trades team

No development experienced required

Stress free development /investment

Consultation & Onboarding

After you have enquired with us about becoming a Joint Venture Partner, we take you through a simple and secure onboarding process. This includes full consultation and the completion of our qualification process.

Any questions you may have about our process, timescales and opportunities will be answered during this time.

Property Access

After a successful onboarding and qualification, you will then have access to our fantastic investment opportunities. You will become an official Joint Venture Partner and receive notification and offers of our developments. You can choose to be part of these or not.

Invest & Relax

It is at this stage where you can choose to invest in an opportunity that interests you. It is at this point that you complete a financial transaction.

We then progress the management of the full development and sale of the property alongside our first class, experienced trades team. We will keep you abreast of the development activity.

Receive Your Return

Following the sale of the developed property, you will receive your full initial investment and profit returns. The sale profit is split based on the % ratio of the Joint Venture Partner Investment agreement.